Steve's Trailers and Linings Pty Ltd

We specialise in the following:

Trailers Hire, Trailer Manufacture, Trailer Repairs & Rubberising


Trailer Hire:

We have the following Trailers available for Hire:

Flat Deck Trailers – From 3M up to 4.8M Long, Tandem Axle up to 1500Kg Carrying Capacity.

Utility/Furniture Trailers – From as Small as 2.1M, 2.3M, 2.4M & 3M with Single Axles un- Braked with Carry Capacity of 750Kg. Braked Tandem Axle 3.5M with Carry Capacity of 1300Kg.

Luggage Trailers – Town & Country, Karet and Voyager. With and without nose cones. Smallest 5ft up to 6ft, un-braked Single Axle, Carry Capacity of 750Kg.

Dog Trailer – Single Axle, with space for 2X Medium Sized Dogs. Has a divider that opens and

closes like a gate. Carrying Capacity of 750Kg.

Bike Trailers – Single Axles, Option for 1X Bike only or 3X Bikes. Un-braked with Carrying


Trailer Manufacture:

We Manufacture to your Specific Custom Needs. All Trailers comes with 4X rims and tyres with a spare wheel when ordering a tandem axle and 2X rims and tyres with a spare wheel when ordering a single axle. We microdot and roadworthy the trailer. We also do the RC1 initial registration, so that our customers only need to go and register the trailer without any hassle.

We Specialize in Manufacturing the following Trailers:

Genset Trailers – We developed a specific design for gensets or generators that needs to be

mobile. The Trailer will have reinforced cross braces underneath the trailer

with mud guards to suit the footprint of the specific genset design. The Trailer

can be manufactured with a single un-braked or braked axle, or a tandem axle,

braked. Carrying Capacity up to 5000Kg.

Roof Truss – Our Design for the Roof Truss Trailer is specifically for the roof truss market that

needs to transport their Trusses. We manufacture a 6M, 8M & 10M Long trailer

with the Width not wider than 2.5M, with a tandem axle and mud guards, with the

steel reinforced. Carrying Capacity up to 5000Kg.

Utility Type: Single axle, carry capacity up to 750Kg un-braked. Tandem axle, carrying capacity

up to 5000Kg braked.

Flat Deck – Length can go up to 6M and Width 2M. Wheels can be underneath, or on side with

mud guards. We custom manufacture your specific design like attaching tie hooks,

and the floor can be solid or mesh with a head board.

Furniture/ With Sides – Length can go up to 6M and Width 2M with mud guards. The sides can

me manufactured with railings or mesh or both. The floor can be solid or

mesh. All the sides can also be detachable (Sides and or rear gate,

according to your custom design).

Vehicle Transporter Trailer – Braked tandem axle with carrying capacity up to 6000Kg. Length

up to 6M and Width 2M. Comes with ramps. Wheels will be on

the side with mud guards. Floor can be solid or made with mesh.

Can have a tool box in front according to your custom design.

Advertising or Skeletal Custom Trailers – For totally custom design trailers we have a 3rd party manufacturer that makes the box. We manufacture the skeletal from form reinforced steel with mud guards on the side. Single axle trailer, braked with carrying capacity up to 1800Kg.

Trailer Repairs:

We Service and do Repairs to all/any trailers. We sell trailer parts separately as well.

Rubberizing (Polyurethane Lining)

We Rubberize the following:

*Bakkies – Utility, S/C, KING/C, D/C – All Makes *All Type Trailers, *Truck, *Busses, *H100 – All Type Commercial Drop Side, *Motor Vehicles, *Beach Buggies, *Poles, *Tool Boxes, *Biker Boots, *Any Custom Machinery or tools that can be rubberized


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